What Is It

Clarion – What’s involved

Clarion is a unique business partnership model that enables business owners in financial services – accountants / financial planners / insurance brokers / finance brokers – to:
  • Cash-in some present value from your existing business by divesting some equity to Clarion

  • Be part of a local diversified financial services Hub where the value of each Spoke in the Hub grows and the value of your Hub grows as well – a double whammy !

  • Grow the value of your Spoke and Hub business through a unique and proven referral model –Ultimate Client Experience Program™ with referrals made to and from other members of your Hub; this means:
    • • More new clients
    • • Stickier” more valuable clients
    • • Clients helped beyond your area of expertise
    • • Greater business value for each Spoke and your Hub as a whole

  • Acquire no cost an equity share in the Clarion national group and realise its value when the group is sold through an IPO or trade sale. A triple whammy !

Quite simply when you join Clarion you partner up with other like-minded financial services businesses in close geographic proximity: business owners with a mutual interest in best serving their clients and growing the value of their businesses.

And throughout this you will be guided and supported and mentored by Clarion who takes responsibility for the successful management of your Hub. Clarion makes sure that each Hub & Spoke is on the right strategic track, and is implementing their strategy for maximum benefit, providing training in our Ultimate Client Experience Program, marketing to help grow your business, and capital for acquisition expansion.

Fundamental Questions

What is a Hub?

Each Clarion Hub is a collection of financial services firms who join together to create a real diversified financial services local grouping, sharing clients, growing clients, growing each other’s business.

What is a Spoke?

A Spoke is an individual financial services firm – accounting / financial planning / insurance broking / finance broking that:

  1. Is part owned by Clarion
  2. Is client centric.
  3. Is part of the Clarion team – supported by Clarion to succeed and working together.
  4. Ideally, is financially invested in each other Spoke in their Hub.
  5. Therefore has a vested interest in growing the value of the Spoke’s business as well as the businesses of the other Spokes in their Hub.
  6. Has an equity stake in the Clarion National Group. And therefore has an equity stake when Clarion is sold – significantly increasing the value of each Hub and each Spoke.
How does Clarion support my success?

By joining Clarion you are no longer alone but have a management team that is focussed on the success of each individual Spoke & Hub. You will get:

  • Access to capital – to sell down a stake in your business, and capital to enable future acquisitions to the Hub or its Spokes

  • Access to experts with decades of experience in successfully growing financial services businesses all the way up to ASX 200 companies.

  • Training in a unique and proven referral methodology; with the processes and systems that ensures its success amongst all the Spokes in your Hub.

  • Marketing programs to attract new clients from outside the Hub.

  • Professional training including the sharing of resources, ideas and strategies that benefit your clients and set you apart from your competitors
What if I am the first Spoke and want to set up a Hub?

Then Clarion will help you find other spokes to set up a successful Hub.

Will I have to give up my brand name?

Each Hub has its own brand identity decided by the Spokes. We have found it desirable to have a commonality of branding across the local Spokes – it makes referrals that much easier.

So, it may be that you decide that your business will change its name. But if that is the case nothing signifies dynamic change, for the better, than a name change. Your clients will want to know why and you will have the happy moment of explaining how they will be better off now you’re a member of a local Hub and Spoke.

Is this for me?

Yes - if you are focussed on better serving your clients, if you want to grow the value of your business, if you want to take some cash off the table now, if you want to be part of a vibrant local team, if you want to help your clients beyond your area of expertise,if you want to have fun and enjoy being part of a local and national success story.

No - if you are unwillingly to engage other areas of expertise for the benefit of your client, not interested in sharing ideas, resources, knowledge with like-minded business people, think you have heard all of this before and believe it won’t work for you , are not prepared to be part of a team and help others succeed.

To find out more

$187,000 increase in book value in just 13 months

Before I joined Clarion I had a small financial planning business – just me and two support staff. Getting new clients would often be haphazard – random referrals from clients and a spasmodic one from a local mortgage broker. Getting other professionals to refer clients to me was just hard.

Within weeks of Forrest Accounting Partners joining our Hub, there was a steady flow of referrals back and forth between the Hub’s Spokes. By month 13 the value of my book had grown by $187,000, an increase of more than 20%

More than that, my clients were happier and giving me more referrals as well.”

Ben Bryant C.F.P.

Forrest Wealth

I thought he was mad – but it works

“Michael Nemeth and I have been firm friends and brothers in arms with our visionary approach to wealth creation for years. However I must admit that when he first mentioned the Hub & Spokes idea I thought (a) he was mad, and (b) here we go again.

After all, financial planners and accountants can often conduct ideological warfare against each other; and aren’t brokers just glorified salesman chasing commissions rather than offering service ?

Then on top of that, mutual referrals is not a new idea. Melbourne is littered with referral JV’s going nowhere.

Still I humoured him and listened. I knew that getting the right people is important but Michael made it work and the proof was in the numbers and in the happy clients. So, with support from Clarion and its systems and business practices, I became a convert and started my own Hub here in Richmond, Melbourne…..and it has exceeded my most optimistic expectations.

Stuart Hillier

HWC Group
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